A Guide to the Uffizi Gallery Vasari Corridors


A Guide to the Uffizi Gallery Vasari Corridors

The Uffizi Gallery Vasari Corridors are architectural heaven for visitors.

Why? Because they are a hidden gem and one of a kind worldwide.

The corridor is a long passageway that connects the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace.

The Vasari Corridors that connect the two attractions function as a small museum separate from the Uffizi Gallery.

It is like an array of surprises, as it has historical value and is a hidden surprise for visitors exploring the gallery.

Keep reading this article to learn more about the Vasari Corridors in Florence.

A Little Bit of History Behind the Uffizi Gallery Vasari Corridors

The Corridor was named Vasari after its architect, Giorgio Vasari, in 1565 by Cosimo de Medici to celebrate the marriage of his son.

The construction of the passageway began in March 1565 and was completed in just five months.

All thanks to this corridor, the Medici family could move around Palazzo Pitti to Palazzo Vecchio, the government quarters.

The corridor has small windows that look over the city.

Here’s a fact: around the Vasari Corridors in Ponte Vecchio, there were a lot of meat-selling shops. Sadly, the shop waste was thrown over the river, which led to an accumulation of foul smells.

The Medici family found this highly unlucky and ordered Ponte Vecchio to replace the butcher shops with jewelry shops.

Many property owners were forced to create space in their houses to build this corridor.

While all consented, the only standing family to refuse was the Manneli family.

They stood against having the corridors pass through their home.

Cosimo respected this, and Giorgio had to move the corridor around the Manneli house.

While visiting the Vasari Corridor, you will notice how the passage passes around the house instead of going through it.

For about 200 years, the Vasari Corridor served loyally as a passageway for the Medici family.

You can see this passageway by buying your Vasari Corridor tickets online.

However, the Vasari Corridor is only a kilometer long.

You can cover it on foot. The Medicis used a small carriage to travel back and forth.

Also, the corridor had benches for the family to have a place to rest.

Over the centuries, the areas around the bridge were unfortunately destroyed, especially after the World War II bombings.

This left the bridge with irreparable destruction, restricting travel over the river.

What is the Vasari Corridor now?

What is the Vasari Corridor now
Image: Uffizi.it

The oldest collection of Vasari Corridor self-portraits from the 16th to the 20th centuries began to take shape.

It is now a true architectural innovation.

Along with this, a collection of impressive Vasari Corridor paintings from the 17th to 20th centuries conveys the heartfelt history of Florence through art.

The Vasari Corridor is a mysterious passageway to be explored by visitors to the Uffizi Gallery.

It extends over the River Arno.

It then travels to Ponte Vecchio, crossing the Church of Saint Felicity.

Finally, it arrives at its last destination, the Pitti Palace.

Is the Vasari corridor open to the public?

You can find a secret pathway that links two important places in the city and shows its past. 

Vasari is one of the fantastic places to explore in Florence. 

Walking on the bridge feels like towering above the people below- a strange but cool feeling. 

Plus, looking out of the windows gives you a bird’s eye view of the happenings on the street. 

This makes the Vasari Corridors a fantastic and exciting place to visit.

Vasari Corridor Reopening

The corridors were closed due to security reasons in 2016.

Modern lighting and air conditioning systems were added to make it a full-fledged museum.

After all these refurbishments, the Vasari Corridor is now available for viewing by all visitors.

However, as the Vasari Corridors often seem busy, a quick visit will require a special ticket or a guided tour.

Booking online for the passageway is the best option for the Vasari Corridor visit, as you can save time and enjoy discounts.

Here are the best Vasari Corridor tickets:

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Featured Image: Bbc.com

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