The Uffizi Gallery welcomes visitors of all ages and nationalities. 

Families with children are welcome, as are groups, school groups, and anyone with an intellectual or physical disability. 

To make your experience exploring the collections as enjoyable as possible. 

There are some simple Uffizi Gallery rules and regulations that all visitors must read and follow, which are mentioned below.

  1. Touch with your eyes, not your hands: The artworks are irreplaceable windows into history.

    Please refrain from touching, leaning against, or using flash photography.

  2. Keep it hush-hush: Let the whispers of history speak for themselves. Maintain a quiet and respectful atmosphere for everyone to appreciate the art in peace.

    Tour guides or any accompanying person providing information during visits must always use the whisper method (microphone and headphones) if the group size exceeds six individuals.

  3. Mind your movements: The halls are filled with wonder, so navigate slowly and carefully. Be mindful of others and avoid obstructing their view.

  4. All guests must follow the general principles of good manners. 

    In general, no behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the artworks or other visitors is permitted. 

    The general instructions stated on museum signs and by museum staff must be followed.

  5. Dress appropriately for the museum’s formal setting (for example, bathing costumes, revealing attire, wedding gowns, historical costumes, or any other undignified fancy dress is unacceptable).

  6. An adult must accompany visitors under the age of 12.

  7. Cell phones must be set to silent mode.

It is prohibited to:

  • Run on the museum grounds
  • Consume food or beverages in the show areas
  • Smoking (e-smoking is also prohibited)
  • Converse on the phone
  • Shoot photos or films with selfie sticks, light stands, tripods, or other professional equipment
  • Scribble on or damage the walls
  • Paper, bottles, chewing gum, and other waste: Please use the appropriate bins.
  • Bring knives and/or other metal objects into the museum, including ritual weapons such as kirpan; bring in any type of firearm and/or harmful material.

  • Armed visitors (including those with a regular license) are not permitted to enter the museum; any specific conditions must be communicated to and perhaps agreed upon in advance with the Institute Director.
  • Except for guide dogs for the blind, service dogs for the disabled (which must be on a leash), and pets for medical or therapeutic purposes (pet therapy), animals must be introduced with a certificate provided by doctors from public health services. Read More
  • Launch drones and similar devices 

Marriage Proposals on the Grounds of a Museum

Visitors wishing to make marriage proposals within the museum grounds (including the cafeteria) are welcome at the Uffizi Galleries. 

This chance must not be disruptive to other guests. 

According to all existing regulations, it must not entail the presence of professional photographers or other persons with professional photography and video shooting equipment. 

We would also like to remind you that wearing ceremonial clothing or accessories is prohibited.

You can request to film or photograph, as well as the temporary usage of museum spaces.

Rules for all Groups

Rules for School Groups

In the Event of an Emergency

When there is a significant volume of visitors, personnel may temporarily close particular rooms or itineraries to protect both the works on display and the visitors.

Visitors must obey the relevant signs and indicators issued by security staff during an alarm and/or emergency. 

In the event of an evacuation, all visitors must proceed in an orderly way, following the instructions of the staff in charge.

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