Uffizi Gallery Hours


The Uffizi Gallery opens at 8.15 am and closes at 6.30 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

It remains closed on Mondays, 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.

If you wish to purchase your tickets offline, the ticket office closes at 5.30 pm, and the last admission time is 30 minutes before closing time.

On the first Sunday of each month, the museum is open during regular hours for FREE admission. You cannot pre-book tickets for those dates.

We recommend that you check the official website for any shift in Uffizi Gallery hours of opening or closing due to other unexpected events.

Except for those listed above, the museum is open on all holidays that fall on a weekday.

If a holiday falls on a Monday, the institution’s board and unions will decide whether to hold a special opening of the Uffizi on a Monday.

Uffizi Gallery Summer Hours 

Days Hours
Monday Closed 
Tuesday to Sunday 8.15 am to 6.30 pm

The gallery tends to get crowded, especially during peak tourist season (May to September), so reserving a ticket in advance might be a good idea.

Uffizi Gallery tickets start at €35 per individual.

How Long Does It Take to Visit the Uffizi Gallery?

As the Uffizi Gallery has 100 rooms, 13,000 square meters of exhibition space, and over 2,200 artworks, a visit to the Uffizi Gallery can take 3 to 4 hours.

However, if you are short on time, it is also possible to get through the main highlights within two hours by booking a guided tour

You will gain insights into the major artworks and highlights and the context of their creations under the guidance of an experienced and informed guide.

A guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery ensures that you cover all the highlights without missing out on any significant works during the tour duration.

The highlights include the artwork of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sandro Botticelli, Giotto di Bondone, and many more legendary artists. Learn more.

The guide will also tell you about the history of the Uffizi Gallery and inside stories!

If you plan to explore the gallery on your own, we recommend booking your Uffizi Gallery tickets online in advance.

Booking tickets in advance will help you skip the line at Door 3 and get direct entry to the museum without long waiting times.

Additionally, some digital audio-guided tours are available for the gallery, which also help you understand the artwork.

Directions to the Uffizi Gallery

You will get all the details about the Uffizi Gallery Museum’s address and a map of its location here

Opening Hours for the Christmas Holidays and New Year at the Uffizi

The Uffizi Gallery’s Christmas opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, between 8.15 am and 6 pm. It remains closed on Mondays, 1 January, and 25 December.

However, it is open on all other days except the dates above.

Entry on every first Sunday of the month is free for everyone, and the museum follows regular opening hours.


What hour does the Uffizi Gallery open?

The Uffizi Gallery’s opening hours are daily, from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm, from Tuesday to Sunday.

The museum remains closed on Mondays and a few public holidays.

They may vary due to unexpected circumstances. Make sure to check the official website before visiting.

When does Uffizi remain closed? 

Uffizi Gallery remains closed on Mondays, 1 May (International Workers’ Day), 25 December (Christmas), and 1 January (New Year).

How long do I need at Uffizi Gallery?

A typical visit to the Uffizi Gallery can take 3–4 hours. However, the time also depends on many factors, like your pace and interest in artwork.

If you opt for a guided or audio-guided tour, you can visit the gallery in 1.5–2 hours.

How long is the wait at Uffizi?

With 2 million annual visitors and 6–12k daily visitors, the waiting time at the Uffizi Gallery can extend from half an hour to two hours.

If you want to visit the gallery without long waiting lines, we recommend you book Uffizi Gallery skip-the-line tickets in advance.

What are Uffizi Gallery Christmas opening hours?

The Uffizi Gallery remains closed on 25 December and 1 January.

What are the Uffizi Gallery hours on Monday?

The Uffizi Gallery is closed on Mondays. However, it’s open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm.

What are the Uffizi Gallery hours on Saturday?

On Saturdays, the Uffizi Gallery is open from 8:15 am to 6.30 pm. 

The last entry is allowed at 5.30 pm, so even though it’s open all day, remember to factor in travel and waiting times to ensure you can enjoy the galleries within the open hours.

What are the Uffizi Gallery hours on Sunday?

On Sundays, the Uffizi Gallery is open at the same hours as on Tuesdays to Fridays: 8.15 am to 6.30 pm, with the last entry allowed at 5.30 pm. 

What are the Uffizi Gallery hours on Tuesday?

The Uffizi Gallery is open on Tuesdays at the same hours as the rest of the week, from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm (last entry at 5.30 pm).

Also, Tuesdays are less crowded than the weekends, so you might encounter shorter queues or a more relaxed atmosphere to appreciate the masterpieces.

Is Uffizi Gallery open on public holidays?

The Uffizi Gallery is always open, except for Christmas and New Year’s. The Uffizi Gallery hours are from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm, regardless of the holiday.

What are the Uffizi Gallery cafe hours?

A rooftop cafeteria-style eatery at the top of the Uffizi Gallery is open from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm and closed on Mondays.

You can take a break here after completing your tour.

What are the Uffizi Gallery hours on public holidays?

Uffizi Gallery hours remain the same even on public holidays, which are from 8.15 am to 6.30 pm.

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