All You Need to Know About the Uffizi Gallery


All You Need to Know About the Uffizi Gallery Entrances

The Uffizi Gallery is home to some of the most notable artworks from the period of the Italian Renaissance.

Spread across three floors, it is one of the most-visited art museums in Italy.

Here is all the information about Uffizi Gallery entrances to make your trip convenient. 

Uffizi Gallery Entrances 

Doors to the Uffizi Gallery

There are three doors to enter the Uffizi Gallery, namely:

Door 1

Location: Left side of the Uffizi Gallery
Who can enter: Large tour groups, school groups, and special reservation holders.

Door 1 is on the left side of the Uffizi Gallery.

If you already have a reservation or are part of a large group for tours, school trips, etc., you must use this Uffizi Gallery entrance.

Visitors using the Firenze Card can also use the same entrance to enter the gallery.

The Firenze Card is a special pass for visitors that provides pre-booked entry to Florence’s numerous museums, galleries, and historical sites. 

Any wait at this entrance will be shorter (5 to 10 minutes) than the general admission line, as you need to go through the security checks.

The staff outside the Uffizi Gallery Entrance Doors 1 and 2 (not in uniform but with ID around their necks) are very helpful and speak English.

If you get confused, ask them for help!

Door 2

Location: Main Entrance
Who can enter: Visitors who don’t have tickets

Door 2 is the main Uffizi Gallery entrance. It is also the place where the line to buy an entry ticket starts. 

And just so you know, the line goes down the arcade towards the Arno River, and waiting time can be long.

If you don’t have pre-booked tickets and want to buy tickets onsite, then you must use this Uffizi entrance.

At the door, you will see the ropes aligned that allow a small space to enter on the left-hand side.

If you want to buy any Uffizi card, you can enter on the left side and get a “free” ticket by showing the card and ID. 

After buying the tickets, you can easily enter the museum from this door or door 1.

If you are at the gallery without reservation, tickets, Firenze Card, etc., the best advice is to visit in later hours.

The line at this entrance can be very long, especially in peak season and on weekends.

Ensure you have a picture ID if you plan to use any card at the Uffizi Gallery Entrance.

Door 3

Location: Across the Piazza degli Uffizi on the west side
Who can enter: All the pre-booked ticket holders

Door Number 3 is across the Piazza degli Uffizi on the west wing.

People with pre-booked tickets can pick up their entry tickets here.

All pre-booked ticket holders must show up 10-15 minutes before the time of reservation.

The pre-booked ticket holders can get their tickets here and enter the museum from door 1.

While booking the tickets, make sure to book a Uffizi Gallery entry ticket along with the reservation (which you pay extra for).

Sometimes, visitors confuse reservation fees with entry tickets and end up standing in long lines.

You may have to pay the Uffizi Gallery entrance fees additionally if all you paid upfront was the reservation.

So make sure you are prepared, depending on what service you use!

The Uffizi Gallery is wheelchair friendly. Also, the wheelchair is free of charge.

Uffizi Gallery Entrance Fees

After knowing everything about the Uffizi Gallery entrances, one thing is clear: the lines can be long due to the museum’s popularity.

Any last-minute booking is nearly impossible or mostly hectic and time-consuming.

Hence, the best way to visit the gallery is through online booking.

But which ticket is the best that will give you easy and fast access and make your overall experience worthwhile?

This Uffizi Gallery priority entrance ticket offers easy access to Door 1.

With 15,000 happy visitors and 4.5 ratings, this is the best-selling ticket to the Uffizi Gallery.

Tips to Follow While Entering Uffizi Gallery:

1. Arrive at least 15 minutes before your reserved time slot.

2. Clicking photos is permissible for personal use only, without flash.

3. Ensure twice that you are buying Uffizi Entry tickets and the reservation.

4. If buying onsite tickets, prepare with sunglasses and hats in hot summers.

After knowing everything about the Uffizi Gallery entrances, one thing is certain. The lines are long due to popularity, and any last-minute booking is difficult.

 If you are still confused about the Uffizi Gallery visit, read our other articles and get proper, up-to-date information for a better experience.


Where is the entrance to the Uffizi Gallery?

After arriving at the Palazzo Vecchio, you can head to its right side.

You’ll find the Uffizi Gallery entrance at the corner between Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi.

From there, the Uffizi Gallery entrance is on the left wing.

How many Uffizi Gallery entrances are there?

The Uffizi Gallery has three entrances.

The first Uffizi Gallery entrance is Door 1, located on the left side. Tour groups, school groups, etc. can use this entrance.

Door 2 is the main entrance, where you can also buy onsite tickets for the visit.

Door 3 is located across the Piazza degli Uffizi on the west side, which can be used by pre-booked ticket holders to get the entry ticket.

Where is Door 3 of the Uffizi Gallery?

Door 3 is across the Piazza degli Uffizi on the west side or wing of the Uffizi Gallery.

It is specifically for pre-booked ticket holders to pick up their entry tickets.

Do you need ID to get into Uffizi?

Yes, you should carry an ID while visiting the Uffizi Gallery. For some Uffizi Gallery tickets, carrying ID is compulsory.

Also, a photo ID is a must if you plan to use any card to enter the museum.

Featured Image: Rangoni Gianluca From Pexels (Canva)

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