Parking near Uffizi Gallery


Parking near Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is in the heart of Florence, Italy, and finding parking in the immediate vicinity can take time and effort.

However, several public and private parking options are available within walking distance.

No matter which parking option you choose, remember that it can be quite crowded, so it’s advisable to arrive early to ensure you get a good parking spot.

Where to park near Uffizi Gallery

There are several options for parking near Uffizi Gallery in Florence. There are on and off-street parking spaces that offer parking for a fee. 

These car parks are usually secure and have staff on hand, making them a safe and convenient option to reach the Uffizi Gallery.

Garage Uffizi

One of the closest options to the Uffizi Gallery is the Garage Uffizi. This garage is a few minutes walk away and is open 24 hours a day. 

It offers various parking options, including short-term and long-term parking. It is secure, with CCTV cameras and staff onsite.

Parking Centro

This public parking garage in the center of Florence offers hourly and daily parking rates.

The facility also provides 24-hour security, making it ideal for anyone looking for a safe and secure place to park their vehicle.

Parking Santa Maria Novella

Parking Santa Maria Novella offers various services to make your visit to Florence as stress-free as possible. 

They offer hourly rates, and you can even reserve your spot online. 

Also provide a 24-hour surveillance system to ensure the security of your car while you explore the city. 

The parking lot is easily accessible and within walking distance of the Uffizi Gallery and other attractions in the area.

Parking del Mercato Centrale

Parking del Mercato Centrale

This parking lot is near the Mercato Centrale and just a few minutes’ walk from the Uffizi Gallery. 

Parking del Mercato Centrale offers indoor and outdoor parking spaces, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs.

With its convenient location, modern security features, and flexible parking options, this is the perfect place to park near the Uffizi Gallery.

Parking del Duomo

This parking lot is near the Duomo, and it is relatively close to the Uffizi Gallery too. 

It is conveniently located near many attractions, and the two-hour ZTL (Zona Traffic Limito) allows for easy access during the day.

You can read our article on how to reach the Uffizi Gallery most conveniently.

Street parking near Uffizi Gallery

There is the option of street parking for those looking for the most affordable parking near the Uffizi Gallery. 

Street parking is generally free but can be challenging to find, especially during peak tourist season. 

If you decide to park on the street, pay attention to the parking regulations and time limits.

Can I park outside the Uffizi Gallery entrances?

The city of Florence is moving towards reducing environmental pollution, so you may only find a few parking places in the open, making parking a bit tricky.

But you can find an alternative by booking a space online and then getting a permit for parking in the open space.

You can enter the ZTL (Zona Traffic Limito), which helps reduce the traffic, pollution, and congestion in the area for two hours between arrival and departure.

Also, find parking spots outside the ZTL zones and a more prominent place outside these zones.

The zones marked in blue are for everyone, including tourists, although they are charged.

There are also multi-story parking lots that can be used.

Traveler’s Tip

It is important to remember that parking availability and pricing can vary, and you should visit the parking website to check the space you plan to use.

You can also check in with the parking attendant before you park to confirm the parking rates and availability.

It could also be possible to park in the streets around the gallery.

However, remember that the city center of Florence is a ZTL (Limited Traffic Zone), and it can incur fines if you don’t have a special permit.

So, it’s better to park in one of the garages mentioned above or check for the availability of street parking near Uffizi Gallery.

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